Artist Statement | Tracey Capone Photography

I am intrigued by the dance between shadows and light, the angles and lines they create, and how everything works together to create dimension. Understanding these elements, and how unique vantage points tweak your perspective, has allowed me to photograph my subjects at uncommon angles, allowing people to see things they wouldn't normally notice. It has also allowed me to create depth and dimension in my illustrations that I may not have otherwise been able to achieve had it not been for my photography.

Beyond my use of perspective, it is important to me to only photograph, or illustrate, what I love, and what intrigues me, not what I feel will be trendy or popular. Whether it's a Chicago L train, a sheep in Scotland, or a simple autumn leaf, being touched by the beauty of my subject makes me more invested in depicting it well. This lends itself towards a genuine emotion, both seen, and felt, in my work.

The quality of my work is as important to me as sharing my talent, and every piece I create, no matter how small, is done with craftsmanship in mind. All of my work is hand mounted by me, in my Chicagoland studio, on high grade, finished birch panels, using a process I have developed over the last several years. I source only the best raw materials and use a time, and element, tested archival process that ensures my work is protected for years to come.  

I believe art is something that should be enjoyed by many, and not a select few, and, for this reason, I am always deeply touched seeing my work off to new homes.


a train on the tracks in a city