Wood Photo Blocks | Tracey Capone Photography

Wood mounted photographs offer a unique, ready to hang, alternative to traditional framing. They are available in a range of sizes from 3x3 inches up through 20x24 inches. 3x3 and 3x4 inch blocks are 3/4 inches in depth and larger blocks are 1 7/8 inches in depth.

I source only the best materials for my photo mounts, right down to the birch wood blocks and hand mount each and every one myself. They are coated with a protective, archival varnish which gives them a textured, painterly feel.

The sides of the blocks and panels are finished in a light walnut stain which give them a warm, rich feel.

a vase of flowers sitting on a table                                                                    Photograph of a 3x4 Über Mini 

While all of my images are available as wood mounts, please note, some images are square and some are rectangular. It is always best to mount them the same way, to avoid cropping, however if you would like to explore other options, please feel free to contact me at info@traceycapone.com.

a red box on a table
                                                     Photograph of the back of a 3x4 Über Mini 

Care for Wood Blocks and Panels:

Like any art, the wood blocks and panels can be damaged by excessive handling, dropping them, extreme weather, etc. For proper care, please be advised of the following:

  • They should be dusted with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use cleaning products or damp cloths on them.
  • I do not recommend keeping these blocks in a very steamy bathroom because it may effect the coating on the block over time. Powder rooms and bathrooms that do not get overly humid are perfectly fine locations for the blocks.
  • All of my images are printed on extremely durable, archival Lustre paper and UV protected however, like any art, long term exposure to direct sunlight is not advisable.


 a stack of flyers on a table